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10 Reasons for Schokofontänen Zentrale GmbH

  1. We have been the first company on the German market specializing and concentrating on hiring and selling the original chocolate fountains. Established for more than two years with a wealth of experience.
  2. Our chocolate fountains are of the highest technical development. We offer only quality choclate fountains which have been manufactured for over a decade. Proven reliability you can count on. Our fountains are 5- 10 kg lighter than the common standard fountain- they are not a panzer!
  3. Schokofontänen Zentrale GmbH has the market differentiator of being able to offer exact the service you require from “Partservice” to “Complete Service” to “Self-Service”. Therefore we are able to offer our customers fair prices, especially due to our individual care taking and advice to our customer we make it possible for everybody to hire a chocolate fountain.
  4. Reliable fountains for all environments. All our fountains underlie a thouroughful inspection after each rental.
  5. Nation- and Europewide service.
  6. Our motto is: We sell only products, which we ourselves like and only to a cost, we would ourselves pay for.
  7. Since we have a high stock of choaolate fountains in hand we are able to rent or sell you our chocolate fountains within a very short time of order .
  8. We have got professional service staff which is well trained and knows all about the choclate fountains. Do you have any questions? Please call our Hotline 01803- 724 656. Our employees are reliable and hard working. They will answer your questions about the chocolate fountains and other products of ours fast and competent .
  9. We use fresh premium Belgium or French chocolate on every event.
  10. We are a registered company.

“The fountain went down a storm with everybody, if we hear of anyone looking for a fountain we will pass on your details”. — Regards Christine



Hot Chocolate Dispenser

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