Rental / Chocolate Fountain Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the chocolate get to the top of the Fountain?

Answer: Inside the Fountain is a specially made stainless steel corkscrew, which rotates and brings the chocolate from the base to the opening at the top of the Fountain, and then it overflows back down to the basin.

2. What would I do with the Chocolate Fountain?

Answer: The Fountain can be hired for weddings, banquets, brunches, catering events and just about any occasion where you wish to impress your guests.

3. What kind of chocolate is used in the Fountain?

Answer: Couverature chocolate. We use the very best Belgian or French Valrhona chocolate.

4. What is couverature chocolate?

Answer: Couverature is a kind of chocolate which has more cocoa butter than regular chocolate, anywhere from 33% — 38% for a really good brand. This type of chocolate is used as a coating for things like truffles (couverature is French for ’covering’ ).

5. How long can the Chocolate Fountain be run for?

Answer: Actually forever, because the Chocolate Fountain acts as a tempering / heating unit the machine will keep the chocolate at a constant temperature so the chocolate never hardens.
Nevertheless we strongly advice to have the fountain run for not more than 6 hours non-stop.

6. How many people does each fountain serve?

Answer: The Medium Chocolate Fountain serves approximately up to 100 guests; the large fountain up to 400 and the giant fountain up to 1000: But beare in mind that more chocolate can be added during the event whenevr necessary.

7. What can you dip in the Chocolate Fountain?

Answer: You can use strawberries, pineaplle, peach, plumes, marshmallows, miniature doughnuts, other fruits, actually anything edible that goes with chocolate, however, we strongly advise against anything crumbly or that easily slides of skewers for the sake of the consistent flow of the chocolate.

8. Can the Chocolate Fountain be used outside?

Answer: The Fountain can only be operated in enclosed areas. This is for two reasons. Firstly because chocolate has such an aroma it will attract flying insects. Secondly the chocolate needs to be kept warm at all times — this can be difficult if there is a breeze of some sort.

9. How much does the Chocolate Fountain weigh and what are the power requirements?

Answer: The medium Fountain is 16kg in total weight, the large Fountain is 32 kg and the Giant Fountain 34 kg in weight.

10. Why should I buy a Chocolate Fountain?

Answer: Chocolate Fountains are not only great tasting fun desserts, they are fantastic revenue generators. There are literally thousands of food service professionals today utilizing chocolate fountains for the prime objective of making more money!

11. What makes your Chocolate Fountains Different to other suppliers?

We offer the original high quality chocolate fountains, which have been manufactured and tested for over a decade. Proven reliability you can count on. The original chocolate fountain, often imitated, never replicated.

12. Is the fountain difficult to clean?

Once your event has concluded, simply use a spatula to remove the chocolate on the fountain cylinder and tiers. The chocolate can then be scooped or poured into a separate container. Paper towels or a damp cloth can then be used to wipe the fountain relatively clean. Once the majority of the chocolate is removed, you can place the individual parts (except the basin) of the fountain into a dishwasher to be cleaned (Caution! Never place the fountain basin in water! This will cause permanent damage to the electrical components.)



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